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Licensed Clinical Therapists

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Where: @ACIDD for Counseling, Laurel Center

Position Summary:
The purpose of ACIDD for Counseling is to serve a spectrum of mental health needs of children, adolescents, adults, elderly and individuals with co-occurring Intellectual Disability and Mental Disorders targeting mental health recovery through psychotherapy. Our service model varies with each therapist specialty, some specializing in general psycho-therapeutic methods while others focusing solely on specific life issues and populations.

The Clinical Therapist’ primary responsibilities will be the following: Provide individual and group counseling service to the assigned individuals and groups and oversight for the designated therapist responsibilities. Provide individual and group clinical supervision to designated graduate professionals and interns in accordance with the Maryland Board standards and guidelines to licensed and certified professionals in various environments and modalities. The emphasis of the Clinical services and supervision to other professionals is multifaceted and includes meeting of clinical benchmarks for quality care and productivity, ensuring proper care is being provided in accordance with program contracts, developing and providing ongoing clinical and administrative staff development and program planning.

Duties may include case conferencing, creating and reviewing treatment plans as needed. Collaboration with all therapists is a vital component for the Clinical therapist, and care must be coordinated. The position requires direct service to clients of the Center, and supervisory role.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • The development of behavioral/mental health and child/adult development protocols sufficient to provide guidance to therapists for provision of services, the events or conditions that require short term intervention, or that require referral to specialty or secondary or tertiary providers.
  • Provide behavioral/mental health consultation, including the development of Mental Health and Health Education materials to the program staff through group training or to individual staff, as directed.
  • Provide management services within the Scope of Practice for a Licensed Clinician, train staff. Work with the Consulting Psychiatrist and Primary Care Providers with collaboratively and within scope of practice regarding psychotropic medication management.
  • Administer such mental health assessments as necessary to diagnose and/or provide objective function measures as necessary and as mandated by the Services Program.
  • Train Mental health Specialists and other program personnel as necessary in treatment protocols, diagnostic and biopsychosocial assessment, interpretation, and formulation. Train them on clinical intervention strategies, treatment planning and screenings as necessary for excellent service delivery standards at ACIDD for Counseling. Also train other program personnel as necessary in protocols, assessment methods, interpretations and client intervention strategies.
  • Work in collaboration with Billing, and the Quality Assurance Program Specialist and under the direction of the Executive Director to develop and implement behavioral/mental health Quality Assurance processes as required .
  • Assess professional capabilities of Mental Health therapists, licensed, to provide behavioral/mental health and assessment services to Adult, Older Adult, and youth clients as directed and provide performance evaluations in compliance with ACIDD Counseling standards.
  • Conduct case conferences with Mental health Therapists and other clinical staff weekly. Review and sign off on all case records required and in compliance with all Federal, State, County, or funders.
  • Maintain records sufficient to meet County, State, and Federal clinical documentation requirements, including Medicaid, Medicare, and other third party insurances program requirements.
  • Attend trainings and workshops as required for professional development or mandated by contract.
  • Provide therapy for adults or children/youth in individual, group, or family therapy as needed by the Center.
  • Coordinate and Supervise behavioral/mental health services, including adult mental health contracts.
  • Participate as a member/facilitate the multi-disciplinary team meeting.
  • Provide clinical supervision to licensed Graduate Professional Counselors/Social workers weekly, and interns as required.
  • Maintain confidentiality regarding privileged administrative and client information in a professional manner.
  • Able to meet or exceed the Service Excellence Standards of ACIDD Counseling.
  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Desire to work with an ethnically diverse child, adult, older adult and youth population.
  • Bicultural, bilingual in English/Spanish preferred.
  • Knowledge of health information related to adult health and mental health, including co-occurring conditions for individuals.
  • Work as a team member with fellow co-workers and agency staff.
  • Cultural sensitivity and understanding of children, adult/older adult and Individuals with co-occurring IDD and Mental disorders.
  • Good clinical understanding of mental health, diagnosis in the DSM V, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Motivational Interviewing
  • Maintain networking relationship with community service providers.
  • Have a valid Maryland Driver’s License, auto insurance, and accept travel assignments on the job as directed by the program.
  • Current Licensure in Maryland as a LCPC and Clinical supervisor or LCSW-C with a minimum of 3 years of successful licensure and in good standing. Completed supervisory courses to supervise LGSW/LGPC.
  • Desire and experience working within a Counseling center.

Education & Experience:

  • Licensed in the State of Maryland as Licensed Professional Counselor or LCSW-C
  • Supervisory courses completed to supervise LGPC or LGSW and interns.