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ACIDD for Counseling provides therapeutic counseling service to our participants in Maryland. The Counseling Center in Laurel is our initial initiative. The center has therapists that are experienced and qualified with their unique niche and skill-set. They can directly speak to their clients’ concerns. They touch upon the cognitive and emotional levels of our participants who come to our center for support. Every therapist that the Center is associated with, has a unique personality. One would not know if one does not meet our therapists and interacts with them, reads their profiles and listens to their success stories.

Why are our therapists distinctive? Because she/he has experience in addressing exactly the emotional issues that our participants go through in their lives. Their approach to a client as an active participant is different from other therapists who generally deal with issues of the same degree or nature. For example, one therapist would use a combination of psychodynamic and behavioral techniques based in current theories of attachment and neuroscience. Another therapist, however, would deal with the participant as an young adult, for example, struggling with the transition to adulthood. We have therapists who are expertise in substance abuse treatment program. They counsel individual clients with all types of mental health and substance abuse issues. Our therapists also understand the language of the people who have dual diagnosis of Intellectual or Developmental Disability and Mental Illness. That means, our therapists at our center focus on a niche for which the client as a participant is seeking assistance. Speak to our therapists today. When a participant spends time with her/his therapist, she/he receives psycho-education on what she/he needs to do further to improve her/his situation.

Please contact us by Telephone: 301-377-0750 at ACIDD for Counseling located at 300 Thomas Drive, Laurel, Maryland or E Mail: counseling@acidd.usPlease also click the link: Contact Us and a representative will respond in 48 hours.